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CGI & Animation


Agnieszka Doroszewicz

Born in 1980, she studied photo design at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts and completed her studies there. In 2004 she moved to Hamburg and worked with many well-known advertising photographers. Since 2007 Agnieszka has been working as a freelance photographer in Hamburg, always looking for the best possible picture. Overflowing with energy, it is always inspiring to see how she works. She distinguishes herself by the time she takes to retouch her photos herself. That's why she always strives to achieve maximum quality and performance with every photo. She has developed her style, especially in automotive photography.

about the artwork
 BMW VISION M NEXT - A COLLABORATION BETWEEN PHOTOGRAPHY, CGI CARS, STUDIO IMAGES, 360°IMAGING AND SHORT ANIMATIONS  THE POWER OF ATTRACTION. DAS DESIGN DES BMW VISION M NEXT. Für den BMW Vision M NEXT hat das BMW Designteam Elemente des ikonischen BMW Turbo und des innovativen BMW i8 herangezogen und zukunftsweisend interpretiert.  Der BMW Vision M NEXT gibt einen Ausblick darauf, wie die elektrifizierte Zukunft der Marke BMW M aussehen könnte. Anders als der BMW Vision iNEXT, der verdeutlicht hat, wie das autonome Fahren das Leben an Bord verändern wird, zeigt der BMW Vision M NEXT wie digitale Intelligenz das selbstbestimmte Fahrerlebnis purer und emotionaler machen kann. Das Exterieur unterstreicht diesen Anspruch mit den Proportionen eines Sportwagens, das Interieur stellt den Fahrer konsequent in den Mittelpunkt. 



about the artwork
Serial Cut is celebrating their 20 years of creativity with a release of a book and a short film titled Purely Iconic. – A surreal visual journey through nine rooms and its characters. You can purchase the book at and to watch the film simply click on the video above. Serial Cut's portfolio   Executive Production  Serial Cut™ Creative Director  Sergio del Puerto & The SC Team Director  Carmelo Barberá Director of Photography  Olmo Sobrino Set Art Director  Javier Le Pera Costume Designer & Stylist  Bartholot Sound  Banjo Soundscapes Production  Miqui Navarro & Antonello Novellino complete film



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STINK FILMS for LEGO DirectorPontus & Patrick @ Traktor DOPHoyte van Hoytema AgencyBETC ProducerAlejandro Araya (Chile) ProductionStink Service ProdLabhouse

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Orderly Chaotic Studio

Two persons, one heart. Two heads, one vision. Opposites yet the same.
Orderly Chaotic Studio is the fruit of the combination of Federica & Alexander Roncaldier. The name of our studio comes from our opposite personalities which fuel our creativity while keeping us balanced. 

We are makers. We come up with concepts. We realize them. 
We care. We are very hands on from the very beginning to the end.
We are playful. We love to create a different reality each time.
We like to combine different techniques (live action, stop motion animation, 2d, and digital art). Together we make fashion, music, commercial videos, short films and social media content. All this with lots of love and unique esthetics.

We met in 2007 at the MIAD (Milwaukee Institute of Arts and Design) where we attended an exchange semester through our respective universities and fell in love. Federica then diplomated in 2008 in visual arts and photography from IED (European Institute of Design) in Milan (her home town) and Alexander in 2009 in visual communication from the Bauhaus University in Weimar. Since then we've continuosly been working on projects together until we founded in 2016 Orderly Chaotic Studio.  We live and work between Berlin and Milan.

We are now represented by Cosmopola.

about the artwork
Here some of our animation work where we mostly play around with mixed media. Besides the commissioned work there are our Animated Cards and Portraits serie which we bring on as personal project and experimental outlet.


Jan Friese

about the artwork
Jan Friese realisierte die Einführungskampagne des Audi A1 Citycarver in CGI und entwickelte zusammen mit der Agentur THJNK einen zeitgemäßen Look für den Launch. Für die Postproduktion zeigete sich PX2 aus Hamburg verantwortlich.      


Recom Farmhouse


Trizz Productions, SL

Design, Direction and VFX Production

Trizz is the award-winning creative production studio channelling unique storytelling techniques through cutting-edge design, direction and technology.

The Trizz founders, Christopher Vulpi & Oriol Puig united in 2008 working together on advanced commercial campaigns. 
Ambitious, inspirational, innovative, we produce for high-end brands around the world. 

The Barcelona studio, founded in 2010, is a culture of experienced, talented artists, combining innovative skills in production with diverse tools and unique methodologies for memorable, groundbreaking results.

Alchemy and magic binds its way into our work through exploration, experimentation, and deep examination of concept and visuals empowering brands to stand out, worldwide.

about the artwork
Voyage, like the title suggests is a journey of ideas, textures, sound and intelligence. Trizz created this piece as an exploration, crafted completely in cgi design with visual effects. Studio co-owner-Director: Oriol Puig Studio co-owner-Executive Producer: Christopher Vulpi Credits: Trizz Studio



mplusk films is a media production laboratory, focused on advanced moving images, digital content and experimental commercials –
breaking down the boundaries between high-end photography and film, design and art, technology and emotion. Our creativity is based on our enthusiasm for digital and mechanical research and our knowledge of luxury brands, their products and aesthetics. We provide in-house creative direction and production services.

In a digital age precision- and emotion-driven still life, fashion and beauty imagery is a must to provide a first-class customer journey. Our high-end clients, global brands in cosmetics, cars, design or jewellery often working in collaboration with top communication agencies, have big expectations – and so they should. They have worked for years on their products, and the imagery created by us becomes the public face of something in which they have invested time, dedication and love.
Employing the visual language of today and tomorrow, we offer full-service content creation ranging from high-end product photography to CGI and moving images of cinematic quality. We know how light works, which is a must if you want to create an emotion-laden sense of precision and reality.

In our large, multidisciplinary studio in central Munich we have a collective of photographers, retouchers, visual artists, directors and back-office staff enabling an integrated production. Thus we are flexible and provide a smooth workflow and cost-effective synergies.

about the artwork


Barbi Mlczoch | Cosmopola

Ania Augustynowicz is a collage artist and motion designer Warsaw-based. During her journey with illustration, she has worked with many fashion brands, corporations, and magazines such as Elle, H&M, Absolut Vodka, Adidas Originals, Levis, Reebok Classic and many more. She exhibited her work, participated in an art event as a judge and has given lectures about collage.

about the artwork
Collage Artist & Motion Designer AUGUSTYNKA


recom GmbH & Co. KG

about the artwork
Together with HAW-LIN Services we developed these graphical Still life series with the 3D Model of the electric supersportscar EP9 from the chinese Brand NIO and togher with Ralph we developed Concept Car Visuals with a mix of analog printtechiques (which brings a kind of melting effect), CGI and photography for BMW's "concept 4" which had it's world premiere this september at IAA in Frankfurt.


Pierre Horn & Eileen Huhn | Schall & Schnabel

about the artwork
"How to modify an ocean in cycles" is a series of images that combined photographs and 3D renderings. art project in collaboration for Weltgast artwork: Schall & Schnabel muse: Jannick Hahn hair & make-up: Jennifer Galle


Sven Hauth | pixeldoggy

Classically trained in film & photography, I'm working as a freelance 3D animator and illustrator, mostly for the advertising industry. My personal focus is on surreal art that evokes a smile or two.

about the artwork
The "Facetime" project started in September 2019 when I started posting one loopable clip per day on my Instagram account. All the single animations can be combined into one long animation (also loopable) which you can see here, along with a few still frames.


Tom Grammerstorf

" Komplizierte und anspruchsvolle Projekte sind mir am liebsten " So ungefähr beschreibt der Hamburger Fotograf Tom Grammerstorf seine Einstellung zu seiner Arbeit. Der gebürtige Norddeutsche hatte schon immer einen Faible für kniffelige Dinge. Das hat sich auch im Laufe seiner langen Karriere im Bereich der Werbefotografie nicht gross geändert. 2001 hat er sich selbstständig gemacht, nachdem er zuvor viele Jahre bei international namhaften Fotografen assistierte. Nachdem er viele Bereiche der Fotografie ausprobiert hat, entdeckte er schließlich seine Leidenschaft für die People- und Automobil-Fotografie.   Darüber hinaus ist Tom einer der Pioniere im Bereich der virtuellen Fotografie. Das Thema CGI hat ihn schon früh beschäftigt, und heute gilt er als einer der führenden Fotografen in diesem Segment. Seine Renderings fertigt er seit mittlerweile über 10 Jahren selbst an.  Eigens dafür gründete er seine Firma BRAIN CGI mit Sitz in Hamburg. Heute konzentriert sich Tom wieder persönlich um die Weiterentwicklung seiner Bildsprache, versucht  neben neuen technischen Herausforderungen, auch stilistisch für sich neue Wege zu gehen.

about the artwork
Hawaii Revisited - the FULLY CGI project with the legendary Ferrari 512 bbi by Tom Grammerstorf TOM GRAMMERSTORF's portfolio is expanded by a new fully CG Project. The classic Ferrari 512 bbi was staged in the virtual environment of a Hawaiian villa. From set design to the final rendering, Tom realized these beautiful motifs in only two weeks. "Virtual locations like these can be used in a variety of ways, whether for 360-degree visuals, moving images or classic print." Tom tells GoSee excitedly. Post production was supported by Holger Egbers, who gave the photos a good old Polaroid vibe to underscore the 70s theme. Ein neues Full CG Project erweitert TOM GRAMMERSTORFs Portfolio. Der Klassiker Ferrari 512 bbi wurde in der virtuellen Umgebung einer hawaiianischen Villa inszeniert. Vom Set Design bis zum finalen Rendering konnte Tom in nur zwei Wochen diese schönen Motive realisieren. "Der Einsatz solcher virtuellen Locations ist vielseitig verwendbar. Egal ob 360 grad Visualisierungen, Bewegtbild, oder klassisch Print." so Tom begeistert zu GoSee. Die Postproduktion betreute Holger Egbers, der den Bildern - passend zum  '70er-Jahre-Thema -  die good old Polaroid-Vibes verpasste.


JSR Agency

about the artwork
Our artist Carioca Studio, Cream Electric Art and BOOM CGI produce and run diverse projects all over the world. Latest work includes, ‘Protect your Dream’ and ‘Stones full of Life’ by Carioca Studio, motion and still work for Deux Paint, and Stunning new campaign for Gatorade Based on a pose by Todd Gurley - an American football running back for the Los Angeles Rams NFL, Sculpted fully in 3D and Cream Electric Art created the model & this cool animation for the new M&M’s Crispy Honeycomb launch.  Explosive commission piece for Dove Chocolate, with some impressive, animal character of a Bear, Chameleon and Lion by BOOM CGI. 


Sébastien Staub

Born in 1989 in Lausanne, Switzerland, Sébastien drove his attention towards landscapes and traveling since his first steps in photography. Spending most of his time exploring the wild world surrounding him, he chose to bring his journeys further associating with dexterity subjects such as people and cars. While carrying on professional projects all over Europe to always face new challenges, Sébastien never stopped working on personal ideas and projects to sharpen and develop his photographic skills and vision. All of his style lies in a meticulous way to choose the chromatic range of his images, while using refined composition and framings to stay as close as possible to a natural and authentic dimension.

about the artwork
Different in-house CGi works done during 2019 exploring a new area of possibilties.



Onomoto is a studio creating visual experiences. we approach animation and design with a distinctive zeitgeist.
we conceptualize, design and animate visual content.

Remember BAM POW CRAC and PSST? fuck yeah, you do. onomatopoeia - what’s been used as a key part of storytelling in comics for years, is not just our not-so-guilty pleasure, but our mantra as well. seeing our work as a way of working and evolving in this increasingly visual, fast-paced world, our studio provides clients with our interpretation of whatever we can lay our eyes and ideas on. breaking things down, simplifying and communicating them - that’s what onomoto is all about.

about the artwork
1. CGI - ZTE AXON 10 PRO // RELEASE TRAILER Told on two narrative levels, we present the official release trailer revealing ZTE's all-new Axon 10 Pro and it's 5 core features. 


Harald Schaack

i've been working as a photographer for something like eight years now. Before I started working with pictures, I wasted some time thinking I'd love to code and trying to learn it at school (I did not) and then I went on to study audio engineering thinking this must be really what I want to to (it was not).

Fast forward eight years, still taking pictures and slowly drifting into working as a mixed media artist, I can say that all this is what I'll be doing for a long time.

I've been exploring and working in documantary, commercial and lifestyle photography and now I'm testing the waters working with moving images and mixing everything. Love it.

I'm represented by tobias bosch fotomanagement in cologne and worked for clients like sidestep, mercedes, hypebeast, porsche, falke, warsteiner, saltwaterfilms..

i curate my own 'gallery' as well, as there's a lot of stuff that is a bit too weird to communicate via haraldschaack. go check it out:

thanks for reading and have good day. :)

about the artwork
for the music video 'up in smoke' by RIN I worked with compression and a technical aspect on how specific compression works. modifying certain frames that are important for transporting information in the codec, it is possible to merge parts of the video, that normally wouldn't be together in the same moment. this visual aesthetic goes really well with the idea behind lost love, fleeing moments and.. well, everything that goes up in smoke.


Ralf Kunstmann

Born 1960 in Nümberg
Selfemployed as an Artist and Illustrator since 1991
From this time on I´ve been working for german adverting acencys and different clients.Specialized in photorealism.
Member of the Artsociety Erlangen  

about the artwork
All images are made with Cinema 4D, ZBrush and renderd with Vrayforc4d. The photogrammetric models walnut, gingerbread, pretzel, salami and pear are made in cooperation with Jürgen Lechner Photography with metashape.


Agent Pekka

foam Studio opened in 2016 as its own standalone agency alongside Berlin’s award-winning multidisciplinary art and design studio ZEITGUISED. foam utilised the already-established ZEITGUISED team to work on commercially-minded image-making. “foam manifests itself as a commercially oriented conceptual design studio. It offers the established ZEITGUISED DNA as a service to commercial clients and brands, with a focus on premium creative and production values,” says one of the foam team, Henrik. He cites foam’s ability to work in “all visual mediums, still and moving,” describing its output as “unexpected, complex, rich, warm and poetic.” Most importantly, foam is an “anti-production house who happen to be really efficient at CG.”

Favouring the more extreme clients who know exactly what they’re after, foam goes on to create cutting edge imagery with a whiff of the surreal. “Over time we were able to fuse the artistic approaches developed by ZEITGUISED into a very lean production mode,” Henrik continues. “This is a very agile framework and can produce results that are of the highest production quality, yet at the same time stand out creatively from the usual work with exceptional concepts and design.” However it is that they make those beautiful, futuristic images for their clients, they’re very, very good at what they do. Even if they say so themselves. “We are the masters of our self-initiated discipline,” says Henrik. “Breathing life and character into inanimate objects, products, worlds.”

about the artwork
foam Studio c/o AGENT PEKKA for Hennessy XO - The Seven Worlds A series of seven 3D animated billboards created for Hennessy in collaboration with DDB Paris and Spellwork. Complementing the idea of the campaign that "Each drop of Hennessy X.O is an Odyssey", we directed the creation of seven emblematic tunnels. The sensorial visual work embodies each one of the seven distinct flavour notes of Hennessy X.O in a tactile, hypergraphic and poetic visual, that hovers between reality and the mythical.

 Further details:

 (All design and production work: f°am Studio & Spellwork Pictures
, Directed by f°am Studio, Agency: ddb Paris
, ProdCo: Stink Paris
, Reel Music by Motion Graphics)   'We put extraordinary emphasis on a thorough creative research process. We work visually at all times and therefore create a big palette of ideas and sketches within our process. Below is a selection of our favorite RnD pieces for each tunnel: Chocolate Lull - There is the gradual discovery of something familiar. It is the well-rounded flavour of a rich, dark chocolate. Slightly sweet and silky smooth, it gently caresses the palate. Wood Crunches - A striking sensation is suddenly felt – the vigorous ebb and flow of oak notes interlaced with vanilla. With their bold and complex taste, they make their powerful presence felt and then vanish. Rising Heat - The intriguing sensation of an intense, rising heat slowly reveals the complex taste of eaux- de-vie that have patiently aged in oak barrels. Flowing Flame - A wave of warmth grows, crests and then breaks; the mouth is awash with the sensation of an immense roundness. A robust presence, full and voluptuous, is felt. Infinite Echo - The evanescent oak notes leave a long, omnipresent finish in their wake, echoing the subtleties of each flavour and sensation that has preceded it, as well as the complexity of X.O's blending and long aging process.