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Lauretta Suter


Jingna Zhang


Cyrill Matter




Jim Kazanjian

Jim Kazanjian received his MFA from the Art Center College of Design in 1992. His BFA was completed at the Kansas City Art Institute in 1990. Jim's photographs have been exhibited across North America, Europe and Australia and featured in numerous publications including Esquire, The Atlantic, and the Daily Mail. His work is in the collections of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, the Ackland Art Museum and others. He currently lives in Portland, Oregon.

about the artwork
My images are digitally manipulated composites built from photographs I find online. The technique I use could be considered "hyper-collage". I cobble together pieces from photos I find interesting and feed them into Photoshop. Through a palimpsest-like layering process of adding and subtracting, I gradually blend the various parts together. I am basically manipulating and assembling a disparate array of multiple photographic elements (sometimes more than 50) to produce a single homogenized image. I do not use a camera at any stage in the process. My method of construction has an improvisational and random quality to it, since it is largely driven by the source material I have available. I wade through my archive constantly and search for interesting combinations and relationships. Each new piece I bring to the composition informs the image's potential direction. It is an iterative and organic process where the end result is many times removed from its origin. I think of the work as a type of mutation which can haphazardly spawn in numerous and unpredictable directions. I’ve chosen photography as a medium because of the cultural misunderstanding that it has a sort of built-in objectivity. This allows me to set up a visual tension within the work, to make it resonate and lure the viewer further inside. My current series is inspired by the classic horror literature of H.P. Lovecraft, Algernon Blackwood and similar authors. I am intrigued with the narrative archetypes these writers utilize to transform the commonplace into something sinister and foreboding. In my work, I prefer to use these devices as a means to generate entry points for the viewer. I'm interested in occupying a space where the mundane intersects the strange, and the familiar becomes alien. In a sense, I am attempting to render the sublime.  

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Svetlana Jovanovic

Born in Belgrade, Serbia, Svetlana received an MA in Psychology from the University of Belgrade. In 1999, she moved to The Hague, The Netherlands, where she worked with the United Nations. She has also studied at the Royal Academy of Arts (KABK) in The Hague, Nouva Accademia di Belle Arti NABA in Milan, and the International Center of Photography in New York City. In 2015, she moved to NYC, where she is currently living and working on personal and commercial art projects, and also as a Teaching Assistant at the International Center of Photography.


Sandro Baebler

Sandro Baebler is a celebrity, portrait, advertising and editorial photographer. He grew up in Mollis Switzerland - a little mountain village - where he spent his time snowboarding, hiking, eating chocolate and playing in the snow. He studied graphic design in Zurich. It was during his studies that Sandro discovered his passion for photography, built his own portfolio and started working as a photographer. His work has appeared in ELLE, GQ, WIRED and L'OFFICIEL HOMMES, and he’s shot portraits of notable people and celebrities. In addition to photography he directs stunning motion in harmony with the stills. Sandro works between Los Angeles, New York and Zurich.

about the artwork
selected work


Dominik Kraushofer

Born in a small town in the Austrian alps Dominik Kraushofer talked his parents into moving to Munich, Germany one week after he learned his first words. Growing up in Munich he saw himself confronted with lots of questions he had no answer to (yet). On his adventurous way to getting the required answers he at some point happened to stumble upon photography and instantly fell in love with the same medium his father used to be passionate about when he was the same age. Since then he’s working his way through the fields of fashion, portrait, lifestyle and art photography.

about the artwork


Janina Fleckhaus

Janina Fleckhaus is a German photographer in her early thirties. Growing up in the idyllic south of Essen she's always been drawn to the arts. After studying the epochs of classical arts she wanted to try a new medium and started to pick up a camera. While studying photography at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund and Falmouth University in the UK she developed a unique style which is inspired by her interest for the classical arts.
After working in Hamburg within photography production she went on to travel the world. Sydney was one of her favorite places where she's been working for a year before going back to Europe. In 2016 she moved to London where she is currently working as a freelance photographer. 


Chiara Bonetti

born in Modena, Italy
based in Berlin, Germany.
My work is a mixture of portrait, editorial and interior design photography.  


Smith & Köppen

Smith & Köppen is the collaboration between the photographers Darren Smith and Marcus Köppen. Darren and Marcus met in Amsterdam in 2016. Their photographic approach explores the heights and depths of human imagination and creativity, giving a glimpse to an ethereal cast of performers and artists around the world. Their aim is to continuously push the boundaries of storytelling and to pierce the veil between normality and fantasy with portraits from beyond.

about the artwork
Wasteland is Europe’s biggest and most notorious adult playground where the fetish lifestyle is celebrated and applauded. Photographers duo Smith & Koppen had the privilege to be invited backstage to document the visual transformation of the artists and performers into otherworldly characters. The series of photographs plunge us into a dystopian world with an overlay of neon, futuristic science-fiction.  Here, temptations lurk in every corner and come out from the darkness to be photographed under the the vivid studio lights. These portraits take us inside a fetish-fuelled future to unveil astronautrix space adventurers, exotic alien races neither angel nor demon, primitive natives with untamed desires, and femme fatale sexbots perfect in every way.


Olaf Martens

  O L A F   M A R T E N S – Reale Kunstwelten
1963 geboren in Halle/S., von 1985 bis 1990 Studium der Fotografie an der Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig , von 1990 bis 1992 Meisterschüler bei Helfried Strauß und Wolfgang G. Schröter .

about the artwork
Dark Pictures !


Blink Production

Nikolaj Møller was born in Toronto, Canada in 1980 but lived most of his life in Copenhagen,
Denmark, wherehe is also currently based.
Møller has worked as an independent photographer since 2007.

Nikolajs work includes portraits, like the series Black Fanta, portraits
of the Afghan National Security Forces shot in the Helmand Province, Afghanistan
in 2011 and 2012. Black Fanta was a follow up to the portrait
series ‘Soldiers’ from 2007 of Danish returning soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan.

One of his latest projects, currently in post-production, is a story about a
Danish veteran from Afghanistan who lives in the Amazon jungle treating
his PTSD with Ayahuaska. Møller lived a month with him in the jungle filming,
photographing and interviewing him about his mission to treat other PTSD
soldiers with nature medicine and healing.

In addition to travelling the world working on his various photo and film projects, Nikolaj Møller shoots for renowned fashion clients and magazines like Soulland, W Magazine, Zalando, Marie Claire, Adidas Gazelle and Jack & Jones


about the artwork
Nikolaj Moller c/o Blink Production


Calle Hackenberg | Studio Hackenberg

German photographer Calle Hackenberg, based close to Hamburg, specialises in food and still life photography. He focuses on creating clear, conceptual messages in his work, giving his images of food an angle besides just "looking tasty".
What drives him is his passion for graphics and food. By mixing these two fields in his work, he provides an original, unseen look.

Constantly working on new, personal projects, Calle always delivers unique concepts and different approaches, packed in his very own visual language.


Sébastien Staub

Sébastien is a 28 years old Swiss photographer with a focus on car and landscape

about the artwork
A resume of my latests personal projects


Peter Franck

about the artwork
Series “Seascapes “, Peter Franck 2016/ 2017 The pictures shown pictures tell stories of the sea. They show nature. Nature seen through through the spectacles of our cultural history. They show time leaps and the still valid view of the seascape. The history of a landscape that has always been there and becomes a "story and history" through the people and their imprint. In these pictures the fragility is to be shown and the task to protect it. Sometimes the silence of the sea is broken through a ship, a ghost ship full of stories. Another time the sun seems to draw a trace to the sky. The landscape becomes the stage of our existence. What remains is nature. All shown photographs challenge our visual memory and seduce it. everything is composition – photography is only one of many means for sparking off associations in the viewer's mind and set stories in motion. in this subtle media setting the images blur the boundary between photography and painting. Other Information the shown works/ series were created and produced under a project sponsoring by the cultural office of the city of stuttgart. working title: "you press the button-we do the rest". "you press the button - we do the rest" was the slogan of the legendary camera "kodak box". built as a marketing tool for the kodak roll film the journey went from color negative films, slide films ektachrome, the kodak e-6 processing principle up to 1987 the world's first produced digital SLR.


Ava Pivot

About myself:    My passion for photography started via horses - When I started out as a photographer I specialised on only taking pictures of horses.  In 2006 I shot my last fashion editorials ( still analog photographs ) and then fully focused on what I studied at University -> Graphic design and Illustration.    2012 I took up photography again and started working digitally.   2013-2016 I was the Art Director of F.S.H.N. A international print magazine based in San Francisco.. After several years of managing both Art Direction and Photography at the same time I decided to fully focus on photography. Which is and always has been my biggest passion.    I was born in Starnberg and grew up in several different places. After gaining some work experience in San Francisco and New York I decided to settle in Berlin, where I am currently based.  Although I am based in Germany, I am always ready for the next adventure and love to combine work with travel. That’s why I am available for inquires worldwide.